Just like anywhere else, due to the current situation, the Azores – and, consequently, Fun Activities too – are having a bit of a hard time and lots of doubts regarding the upcoming season and year. However, this is not the time to give up or stop, for we have decided to take advantage of this “down time” to make improvements, rewind the “good n’ old” times, learn new things, prepare some new stuff for you, and strengthen ourselves for later. As Azoreans, we always try to be optimistic and look forward to the future!

Therefore, we want to captive you more than ever before. So, to lift up your (and our) mood, we are now offering a substancial early-bird discount on all of our daily Activities and Gift-Cards!

And to guarantee your peace of mind when it comes to purchases, we have also updated our Cancellation Policy (CLICK HERE) to be more appropriate and client friendly, giving you the possibility to cancel your tour, with a full refund, in up to 48 hours before the estimated start time.


During the year of 2020, when booking any tour with, at least, 8 months of advance, a DIRECT DISCOUNT of 20% will be assigned.


During the year of 2020, when purchasing a Gift-Card to use in 2021 or the next 5 years, a VOUCHER with 20% DISCOUNT will be assigned. Both are valid for 5 years.


  • We have updated our cancellation policy in order to give our client the possibility of cancelling their tour in up to 2 days before it starts. For more details CLICK HERE;

  • To be entitled for any discount, the activity / Gift-Card must be fully paid in advance;

  • The campaign “BOOK NOW FOR LATER” is valid when purchasing any daily tour during 2020 and for the next 2 years. The discount will be automatically applied during the booking process;

  • The campaign “PROMOTIONAL GIFT-CARD” is valid only when purchasing any Gift-Card during 2020, that will be redeemed in the next 5 years. After buying a Gift-Card, the client will receive a 20% discount voucher, that is valid for 5 years. This discount is not valid for the “Expeditions Tours”;

  • The client can request to change the tour date or even the activity. Fun Activities will provide the best possibilities. In case this isn’t possible and the adjustments were requested in up to 48 hours before the excursion starts, the client will receive a full refund.