With this epic journey, we would like to offer our clients and adventure seekers memories for a life time. Imagine experiencing an adrenaline rush in one of the most amazing places in the world!  Flores is considered one of the best spots for canyoning worldwide. Due to its location and shape it´s a paradise of waterfalls and astonishing landscapes. This program is for all levels of experience including beginners or first timers. It intends to be a balanced program with easy and medium tours and with the possibility of more difficult routes. It is also very flexible, meaning that we have options in case you prefer other activities. The only request is to be a nature and adventure lover. Please click the link below for our introductory video.

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After picking up our clients at their accommodation, we will gather together at our office in Ponta Delgada, 2 to 3 hours before the flight to Flores. It is important to make a final check of everything that we will need before we leave. We will provide the transfer to the airport.

After arriving in Sta Cruz in Flores island, a local guide will be waiting for us to give us a tour around the island for first impressions.

We will visit 7 Lagoas, Poço da Ribeira do Ferreiro, Rocha dos Bordões, Lages e Fajã Grande. Let´s keep in mind that we also need to prepare for our next day of adventure.


After breakfast the van will be waiting for us to take us to our first canyoning spot: Além Inferior. It is a very diverse, fun and easy canyon, perfect for the first approach.

We all will learn as much as possible during this tour; both for our clients and guides it will be the perfect moment to get to know each other during a canyoning activity especially since it maybe be a canyoning-baptism for some.

After the picnic lunch let´s enjoy the Fanais hike. Our local guide will take us on a 5.5 km hike over 3 hours, through some amazing spots and views, introducing the local customs, history and endemic flora.


On the third day we will have a Full Day canyoning tour. The possibilities are Ilhéus, José Fraga or Esguilhão; the guides will decide the course, depending on local conditions and also considering the groups’ abilities.

The canyons are of medium level difficulty and rappelling from a 35 metre height can be expected.  You will be in awe of the wilderness and beauty that Flores offers us while canyoning.


We have a choice on day four where we may split into two groups. The options are:

  1. A more adventurous canyoning tour OR
  2. A visit to Corvo island.

The Full Day canyoning tour will be at Casas or Cabo,  with rappels that can be more than 100 meters high.

If your choice is to visit Corvo, the smallest island of the Azores, be ready for a nice boat trip in a zodiac boat, including a visit around some caves of Flores island. You will stay for approximately 5 hours on Corvo, including a visit to Caldeirão.


(Alternatives: Full Day Hike / Gastronomic and Cultural Tour)

What about the possibility of finishing a canyoning tour in the Ocean where you will have a zodiac boat waiting for you? This is our plan for the last day. The canyons are Alquevins or Barrosas. You can expect breathtaking views with amazing rappels ending with a splash in the Atlantic Ocean. The rappelling can be up to 50 metres in height.

Some of our clients might like to have an alternative to the canyoning adventure. We can arrange two possibilities:

  1. Self-guided hike. Flores has many choices and we can decide together the one that suits you best; OR
  2. Gastronomic and Cultural Tour. For more information about this tour please see below at “Options & Costs”.

In the evening we will finish with a farewell dinner prepared by the guides or at a local restaurant, sharing the memories still fresh from the weeks’ adventures.


It is time to return to São Miguel island. We will transfer you to your hotel or lodgings and say goodbye.

  • All transfers to the activities including to the airports in São Miguel and Flores;
  • Flight from Ponta Delgada to Sta Cruz in Flores and return;
  • Accommodation for 5 nights in a local house, guest-house or small hotel including breakfast;
  • All the equipment for the activities;
  • All the alternatives and options offered except the Gastronomic & Cultural Tour;
  • All the logistics;
  • 2 to 3 certified guides;
  • Photos, promotional personalized video;
  • Picnics and snacks for the full days (days 2, 3, 4 and 5), dinner (day 5);
  • All the entrances;
  • Obligatory Insurances.


  • International Flights to São Miguel island;
  • Accommodation on São Miguel island;
  • Lunch for the first and last day;
  • Gastronomic & cultural option;
  • Dinner (except on day 5).
  • Light and comfortable clothes including raincoat, wind protection, swimwear and hat;
  • Outdoor shoes (hiking, walking);
  • Sunblock and sunglasses;
  • Personal water bottle;
  • Small backpack;
  • Towels;
  • Personal medication (if needed);
  • Recommended: Lycra shirt and a waterproof bag.
  • The minimum number of people needed to start the tour: 4 people;
  • The maximum number of people for the tour: 10 people. (Contact us for special conditions);
  • Minimum age: 16 years old. Clients under the age of 18 years old must be under the responsibility of an adult;
  • It is not necessary to have previous experience in order to enroll. But the client should enjoy the outdoors, be fit and able to swim;
  • To confirm a reservation we need a 20% deposit. This value is non- refundable if the client decides to cancel. The remaining cost should be paid one month before the arrival;
  • If the client needs or wishes to, it is possible to skip one day of the program. It is also possible to consider the flight to Flores from different airports in Azores. Please contact us before for confirming new prices;
  • Fun Activities Azores Adventure reserves the right to make cancellations/reschedules based on:
    1. Unexpected weather conditions or other reasons that are considered relevant to the safety of our customers and staff. Our customers will be able to reschedule their excursion or to have an alternative excursion.
    2. The number of participants does not reach the minimum number required to start the excursion. Our customers will be able to reschedule their excursion or receive a full refund.
    3. The participants are not eligible for the activity considering they do not meet the minimum requirements or the appropriate conduct/behavior. There will be no Refund.

OBS: If booking for larger groups or if you have any special requirements, please contact us to request a quote and for customizing your trip.

  • Price per person: 1540€
  • Option Gastronomic and Cultural Tour: +55€



This is the ideal tour to taste the best that Flores Island has to offer in gastronomical products. Not only that, but the cultural aspect of this tour also has a very important emphasis.

We will add precious information during the visit of the church in the parish of Fajãzinha, Aldeia da Cuada, the watermill of Fajãzinha and the whale viewpoint in the parish of Fajã Grande. Our local guides come from the western part of the island, so we are sure that we will take advantage of their knowledge of the area to give our clients a very special and unique experience.

We finish the day full of good vibes in one of the most beautiful places in the Azores; Poço do Bacalhau, with a comfort snack that is made from 100% Azorean products.

During this tour you will have the chance to taste the most exclusive gastronomic delights of the island while getting to know more about the history and culture behind the creation of these lovely delicacies.


  • Visit a Traditional Cheese Factory;
  • Fajazinha Church;
  • Special menu (Feijoada; Algae; Sausage; Traditional bread from Flores; Cornbread; Yam; Sweet Potato; Beverage);
  • Fajazinha Mill;
  • Cuada Village;
  • Vista da Baleia Viewpoint;
  • Fajã Walking Tour;
  • Poço do Bacalhau;
  • Special snack (Cake, Crackers and Homemade jam and Gorreana Tea).


  • Ideal Time: 9:30 – 15:30;
  • Minimum equipment required: Comfortable shoes, comfortable clothing, light jacket,
  • bathing suit, towel, sunscreen and hat;
  • Includes Insurance; Transfer from the intended place for the tour and return;
  • Portuguese and English-speaking guide;
  • Tour Provided by EXPERIENCE OC.