Lagoa do Fogo

Know the best spots of the island actively.

Learn about the local Flora, Fauna and Geology.

Possibility to swim and do some snorkelling or to have a bath at the local hot springs.

The Azores are know for their excellent hiking trails and the beautiful views of the mountains and the ocean surrounding the islands. Your hike may include paths between ridges and crevices, forests, waterfalls, springs, lakes and fumaroles.

We will also provide you with all the information about the flora, fauna and geology of the place.

At your request we can include geocaching or a treasure hunting game.

Full Day


with pick up

Price Per Person

Special Conditions

GROUPS (9 Elements or More)


Childrens 6-12 years Old


Estimated time Difficulty Extension Type
Full Day
6 hours Medium 11 km Linear

Description: The trail starts in the south part of the island in a dirt road. We will start ascending until reaching a water channel from which the trail runs for more or less 2 km. Then you will find yourself in a more open area with big slopes and after passing through several springs we will reach the lake. After resting and enjoying the picnic lunch we will return enjoying the majestic views of the Ocean and the southern coast of São Miguel island.


We offer several possibilities for different walking tours. We combine the walking tours with the possibility to swim or do some snorkelling at the sea or to enjoy some baths at local hot springs. At your request we can also enrich and make the walking tour more fun with treasure hunting games or geocaching.

You can chose and book online 4 regular tours described below:

After: We will invite you to visit Caloura or Agua D’Alto beach where you can enjoy the Atlantic Ocean. Possibility to do snorkelling.

Note: The trail can be quite steep and slippery in some area


With this tour you will know one of the most untouched  and beautiful lakes of the island. You will walk toward the youngest stratovolcano of the island and through natural protected areas. We have two possibilities that will be chosen depending from weather and security conditions :



Estimated time Difficulty Extension Type
Full Day
4 hours Difficult 6 km Circular

Description: We will walk through the north rim with the beautiful view of the lake in one side and the northern coast  of the island at the other side.  In one point we start to descend to the lake passing over several small streams inside the forest and before arriving to the pumice beach at the lake. Enjoy your picnic lunch at the quietness of the lake before starting ascending up to the car.

After: During warm seasons we will invite you to enjoy the Atlantic ocean with refreshing bath at Caloura or at the natural pools of Lagoa. Possibility to do snorkelling. During other seasons you can enjoy some baths at the thermal springs in Caldeira Velha or enjoy the imposing waterfall of Salto do Cabrito.

Note: Bring long hiking trousers to protect yourself from scratches. This trail can be quite muddy and slippery in some areas with some tall steps.

Please consider the pick up time as 10 minutes prior and after the departure time of your excursion.

  • Swimwear and towel;
  • Suitable and confortable clothing and footwear (please note it is important to protect from the wind, the sun and rain. In the mountains it can also be cold;
  • Sunblock and hat;
  • Your personal water bottle;
  • Backpack to carry your personal thinks and lunch.
  • Guide;
  • Insurances;
  • Light lunch or picknick;
  • Trekking poles;
  • Snack or drinks.
  • Pick up/drop off
  • Please note it is important to bring the right equipment, clothes and footwear. Azorean weather can change drastically during the same day. Hiking in the mountains can be totally different from hiking at the sea level. It is important to be prepared for high levels of humidity that can be combined  with heat and also for wind and rain that can be combined with low temperatures in the mountains;
  • Due to weather conditions it is possible that we need to cancel/change the itinerary/trail.

Our Cancellation Policy is described in our Terms and Conditions. It is important to read it before any booking could be made..

If you want you can also buy one of our Aluminium Water Bottle or Tea / Coffee Cup for 5€. You are supporting our local environment and you can use it during your activities and take it back home as a souvenir from Azores and from Fun Activities.