Azores, sustainability, wet wipes and water

World’s first sustainable archipelago If you have  already been to, or  are planning your trip to the Azores,  you may have  noticed the word “sustainable” coming up. In fact, we are very proud to announce that Azores is officially certified as the world’s first sustainable archipelago by the Global Council for Sustainable Tourism. We […]

Spring Is In the Air

With spring in full swing, it’s time to shine on the island of São Miguel, proving how it got its nickname from Ilha Verde. Located in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, its isolation helped to maintain the island’s uniqueness, making it home to 56 indigenous species and hundreds of endemic plants. With its fertile […]

What does a low season look like for us?

Here in the Azores, we notice two seasons – Summer or high season, which normally starts with Easter and lasts till around the end of October. Main signs of which are tourists, buses and rental cars, grilling along the side of the road and summer festivals, both musical and religious. For us, this is the […]

Sete Cidades

Sete Cidades, one of the most emblematic locations on Sao Miguel Island, and frankly, if you haven’t been there at some point during your trip, then you haven’t really been to Sao Miguel Island. Sete Cidades, literally translated is “Seven Cities”, however “Cidades” is actually derived from the Latin word “civitas”, meaning a collective of […]

The experience of two Swedish interns in the Azores

Hello Everyone! This is Simon & Emelie! We would like to share our story about our time here in the Azores and hopefully inspire you to do the same trip as we did! We are two Swedish students, working in the field of Adventure Tourism, and have for the last six months been fortunate enough […]

… a week of FUN with Maltese adventurers …

This week has been a super fun week for us here at Fun Activities. We hosted a very special group of 24 people from the island of Malta who trusted us to plan a whole week of adventure and exploring with us. We really had all hands on deck to organise this trip and from […]

We Are Back In Action!

Hello Everyone! It’s true, we’re back in action! After the last couple of months with the Azores on lockdown, the team finally had the freedom to go out together in nature again ?. Fun Activities, in collaboration with Junta Freguesia Lomba S. Pedro, began work on making a new canyoning and hiking trail in Jan […]