We love adventure! We love to explore! We love to be outside in nature!

And because we also love to share the beauty of the Azores, FUN ACTIVITIES AZORES ADVENTURE exists!


Fun Activities was officially founded in 2015. But the concept was already present long before that in the mind of Paulo and João, two long-life friends and cousins, who would, whenever they could, take the opportunity to be outdoors and explore the Azorean wilderness. Both mathematicians by profession, and working in totally different fields, they yearned to put into practice the idea of doing something they really enjoyed and sharing it with others (visitors and locals), while doing so in a way that it was possible to sustain themselves and their families. So, in 2015, Paulo took the first step – he founded the company – with whom João and several other guides joined over the years. Nowadays, the Fun Activities team is formed by around 12 guides, committed to the same principle: “We love what we do and want to share it with you!”.


We are an experienced team of around 12 guides, trained by some of the best schools, and capable of providing unique experiences in a vast number of outdoor activities. While guaranteeing your safety, you can expect flexibility and lots of joy from us as we’re sharing our world. We believe that this is what highlights us and contributes to the success of our activities.

How do we succeed? By loving what we do, bringing lots of hapiness to our  everyday life, acting responsibly towards others and our surroundings, making customers feel like every experience belongs to them, and of course, accepting everybody’s differences – because we all have something unique and valuable to offer!

Why Choose us

Our mission is to help you experience the Azores in an authentic and exciting way. Whether you’re an experienced traveller or not, our tours offer a social and safe way to explore different and untouched locations in the Azores. Our friendly and flexible staff who have extensive knowledge and expertise, will help turn your experience into something extraordinary!

We’re a tour operator you can trust

Whether you are planning your first adventure or already a seasoned traveler, we can help you discover the most amazing people, places, cultures and landscapes of the Azores. Whether you choose to join one of our small group tours or design your own “tailor-made” adventure with us, we guarantee that you will always experience our world in a unique and, above all, fun way. Don’t just take our word for it, take a look at reviews and feedback from some of our clients HERE.


Our travelers come in all shapes and sizes, from a wide variety of cultures, nations and backgrounds. However, we all come together by sharing the same adventurous spirit, a strong sense of fun and a desire to see the Azores Islands as they truly are. Our adventures have a recommended age group starting from the young age of 6 going up to 65 years old. Even though the average age group of our clients falls between the ages of 25 and 45, our “tailor made” tours can be adapted to any age! If you want to know more about people who have visited us, why not check out our online community on Facebook?

Solo Traveler? No Problem! Traveling alone doesn’t have to be lonely. While many people coming to the Azores are couples, come with a group of friends or are travelling with their family, about half of our customers travel solo, as they know that they’ll meet friendly and like-minded people along the way. Over the years, many have told us that they have made lifelong friends during our activities. With us, you won’t be among strangers; just with friends you haven’t met yet!


Apart from hitting the major highlights of the Azores, we also like to take our clients on off-the-beaten track routes in nature and harder to get to local sights that aren’t found in your typical guidebook and are often missed by visiting tourists. We want you to have a fully interactive experience, always respecting local cultures, enriching the economy and maintaining and sharing with you our local customs and traditions. 

Take a look at our “Responsible Travel Policy” for more information about: how we care for the people who visit and work with us; how part of the value paid for our tours goes straight back into the local communities; and how we are committed to the welfare of wildlife in the regions we visit.


We don’t have all the answers to everything, but we are committed to transparently sharing our progress and newly acquired knowledge, experience and lessons, in addition to asking you for your feedback so you too can help us improve ourselves. We believe that, by being adventurous and open minded, we can be part of the solution to any issues that may arise.

We equally believe that it is only by engaging with different people, cultures and habitats that we can begin to have an understanding of our surroundings. It is only through this understanding that we can learn how to protect and conserve our world for future generations and species.

For us, it’s a mission and a way of life. We owe it to the world around us – to never give up on it – seek to improve who we are, what we offer and the lives we touch.

The Team

Marica Micallef

Office Manager & Outdoor Guide

Mónica Soares

Office Manager & Outdoor Guide

Ricardo Gazela

Outdoor Guide

João Câmara

Media Manager & Outdoor Guide

Paulo Medeiros

Company Owner & CEO / Outdoor Guide

Triin Medeiros

Outdoor Guide

Bruno Bagnari

Outdoor Guide

Cláudio Santos

Outdoor Guide