About Us

About Us

We love adventure! We love to explore! We love to be outside in nature!

And because we also love to share the beauty of the Azores, FUN ACTIVITIES AZORES ADVENTURE exists!


Fun Activities was officially founded in 2015. But the concept was already present long before that in the mind of Paulo and João, two long-life friends who would, whenever they could, take the opportunity to be outdoors and explore the Azorean wilderness. Both, mathematicians by training and working in totally different areas, yearned to put into practice the idea of doing something they really liked and sharing it with others (visitors and locals), in a way that they could sustain themselves and their families. So, in 2015, Paulo took the first step – he founded the company – to whom João and several other guides joined over the years. Nowadays, the Fun Activities team is formed by around 12 guides, committed to the same principle: “We love what we do and want to share it with you!”.


We are an experienced team of around 12 guides, trained by some of the best schools , and capable of providing unique experiences in a vast number of outdoor activities. At the same time that we guaranteen your safety, you can expect flexibility and lots of joy from us as we’re sharing our world. We believe that this is what highlights us and contributes to the success of the activities.

How do we do it? By loving what we do, bringing lots of hapiness to our  everyday life, acting responsibly towards others and our surroundings, making customers feel like every experience belongs to them, and of course, accepting everybody’s differences – because we all have something unique and valuable to offer!


Nature and local communities:

A big portion of our “playground” involves protected natural areas of the Azores, where specific rules must be respected in order to preserve its richness and singularity. In the Azores, companies like Fun Activities act like guardians of these places, hence, is our responsibility to promote sustainability and, of course, the well-being and happiness of the local inhabitants – which means they should be always involved regarding all the benefits ,as well as committed to solving related problems. It also means that the place where they live should always stay, in the end of each day and year, healthy and able to produce all the resources they need.

How do we do this:

Resorting to products from local companies for our excursions (snacks, picnics, souvenirs, etc.); offering discounts and free vouchers to local institutions and communities; and organizing voluntary actions and partnerships with diverse organizations.

Last year (in 2019), for example, we started a unique program in which four locals chosen by each of the 4 institutions involved – who deal with social exclusion – could join us during some weekly activities. Over a period of 5 months, they carried out small tasks such as helping customers with the wetsuits, or with the kayaks, bikes etc.; receiving, as a reward for their magnificent work, monetary support from Fun Activities.


Mariana Araújo

Office Manager & Media Content

Mónica Soares

Office Manager & Guide

João Câmara

Media Manager/ Guide

Paulo Medeiros

Company Owner & CEO / Guide