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We love Adventure! We love to Explore! We love to be outside in Nature! And because we also love to share the beauty of Azores, FUN ACTIVITIES AZORES ADVENTURE exists!

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Surf´s Up
Let´s learn how to surf, beginners and intermediate surf lessons
SUP Rentals
FROM €7.50
Get out on the water with a Stand-Up Paddle and have some fun while exploring...
SUP Yoga
FROM €75
Breathe in the fresh air and experience outdoor serenity on the water with this stimulating...
Canyoning & Furnas Tour
The perfect way to spend the day with family or friends, with an adventurous morning...
Waterfall Trail-Lomba de S.Pedro
Discover the hidden gems of the north side of the island of Sao Miguel with...
Sete Cidades Experience
Experience Sete Cidades with a choice of SUP, e-bike or hike to explore the Blue...
E-Bike | Ribeira Grande (HD)
Take a better look at the best that the parish of Sete Cidades ("Seven Cities")...
SUP Experience
FROM €45
Try Out Stand-Up Paddling while exploring the lake of Sete Cidades with your instructor.
E-Bike: Self-Guided Tours
FROM €30
With the freedom these self-guided E-Mountain Bike cycling tours offer, travel at your own pace...
FROM €50
Ideal for fun, adventure and adrenaline lovers, suitable for (almost) all ages, and for beginners...
HIKING | Ribeira Funda & Tea Plantation
Join us and invest in this journey through the 80's with lots of fun and...
FROM 40€
Come get to know the island of Sao Miguel (Azores Archipelago) through our fun and...
E-Bike | Sete Cidades (HD)
Take a better look at the best that the parish of Sete Cidades ("Seven Cities")...
CANYONING | Lombadas / Praia
FROM €120
Try Canyoning in the central part of the island of Sao Miguel, more specifically in...
HIKING | Sete Cidades & Ferraria
Get to know the enchanting village of Sete Cidades, with unbelievable landscapes and unique moments...
HIKING | Salto do Prego & Sanguinho
Discover the magnificent waterfall of Salto do Prego, the welcoming parish of Faial da Terra,...
HIKING | Lagoa do Fogo
(Re)discover the youngest volcano on the island of São Miguel, where you meet one of...
FROM 40€
The best way to combine good physical training with the unique opportunity to explore and...
KAYAKING | Vila Franca do Campo
FROM €55
Explore the exterior (and a little of the interior) of the emblematic Vila Franca do...
FROM 75€
Swim in the Atlantic Ocean and explore the coast of Caloura OR Ribeira das Tainhas,...
FROM 65€
Taste and explore the beautiful coastline of the island of São Miguel and some of...
Walking Tours
Discover hidden ridges, seek gorgeous waterfalls, lagoons and fumaroles, lose yourself in “50 shades of...
CANYONING | Ribeira da Salga
FROM €110
Practice Canyoning in Ribeira da Salga, located in the northeast part of the island of...
CANYONING | Salto do Cabrito
FROM €85
Experience the Salto do Cabrito waterfall in a innovative way, in an amazing place, located...
CANYONING | Experience
FROM €65
Have fun Canyoning in "Parque Natural da Ribeira dos Caldeirões", one of the most extraordinary...
FROM 60€
Rappel, slide and jump from beautiful waterfalls into crystal clear natural pools and explore untouched...

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